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Personalized Cancer Treatment

Cancer treatment should focus on the patient, not the disease. Why? Modern protocols often fail because they are prescribed to patients with no confidence of whether they will work for that particular individual.

There is a better way to beat cancer.

At Causenta, we focus on each individual patient’s unique physiology before their treatment begins.

Why Causenta’s cancer treatment is innovative

The most important question we ask when we begin to develop a patient’s personalized treatment plan is, “What caused cancer to grow?”

Answering this question starts by working with labs all over the world who can test the cancer cells to ascertain what treatments will work best in their destruction. Remember that your body is unique, so cancer may have grown in your body for a variety of unique reasons. Some of the most common include:

  • Immune system problems
  • Poor nutrition
  • Toxins in your environment
  • Cancer markers
  • Genetics
  • Glucose levels

The Causenta Cancer Treatment Center is dedicated to helping every human being suffering from the trauma of cancer.

When you first visit the Causenta clinic, your appointment may last up to 10 hours. We will conduct an exhaustive set of tests, many of which are entirely overlooked by other cancer treatment centers. This is the information we will use to fully develop your personalized cancer treatment.

Extensive testing allows us to develop a personalized protocol that maximizes the body’s natural ability to fight cancer. This personalized process is combined with the latest technologies and genetic analysis, along with a specific test on their unique cancer cells to determine what treatment will be most effective in combating the disease.

Personalized Cancer Treatment

    • At The Causenta Center, we believe that any patient can be successfully treated.
    • This revolutionary treatment enhances your body’s natural ability to fight cancer.
    • Our personalized treatment protocols are developed by our team of MD, PhD, and naturopathic doctors using the latest advancements in medicine.
    • Dr. Incledon works with labs across the world to find the best and most current treatments.
    • Don’t give up hope – get help from the Causenta team.

If you or a loved one is dealing with the trauma and sorrow of cancer, we understand the frustration and hopelessness you may be feeling. Common treatment protocols like radiation and chemotherapy can make you feel like you’re wasting away, but we believe there is a better way to fight this terrible disease.

Your body has an innate ability to fight cancer

You may be surprised to learn that we all have cancer cells that our bodies constantly fight to keep under control. Sometimes our bodies fail to keep cancer cells in check due to internal or external factors. Cancer may grow in one person’s body for an entirely different reason than another. So, why do most cancer treatment protocols focus on the disease rather than the patient?

Your physiology is unique, so you will respond to treatment in your own way. This means that the “cookie cutter” approach to treatment, so commonly used today, will ultimately fail for many patients. You don’t have to be one of them.

The naturopathic and traditional medicine approach

Every patient’s physiology is unique. Technologies available will identify the most effective treatment protocols for every individual. Oncologists are often unexposed to the rapid pace of technological advancement, so they fall back on traditional treatment protocols that give their patients the “best chance.”

At Causenta Treatment Center, we seek to remove “chance” from the equation by determining each patient’s unique physiology, before treatment begins, and by using the right combination of traditional medicine with naturopathic medicine.

You don’t know about every cancer treatment option available until you’ve learned about us

Dealing with cancer takes a toll on the patient and everyone in their family. Treatments often fail because the patient was given the wrong drugs or dosage. Why? Because the doctor failed to conduct tests that would have determined the treatment’s effect on their cancer cells ahead of time.