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Carcinoid Tumors

These are most commonly found in different areas of the gastrointestinal system, and are often seen in the small intestine and rectum. These are slow-growing tumors can spread to the liver or other areas of the body and can release substances such as serotonin that can lead to developing carcinoid syndrome.

These tumors can create and release hormones into the body that can cause symptoms such as diarrhea, wheezing, abdominal pain, or redness of the face and neck, but oftentimes there are no symptoms until it has progressed significantly. Older adults and women have greater likelihood of developing carcinoid tumors.

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Marie went to 3 other centers before Causenta: “The tumor is dead”

72-year-old Marie tried everything: traditional chemotherapy, immunotherapy in Mexico but nothing was successful. Her breast cancer returned three times. Causenta took her from a death sentence to a dead tumor. Now she can finally say she beat breast cancer for good.

Carson went to 4 cancer centers and was at death’s door before Causenta: “I just got a clear pet scan”

19-year-old Carson was diagnosed with stage 4 Hodgkin’s Lymphoma. When she came to Causenta, she was in a wheelchair and was so weak. Watch as the family shares her beautiful story of transformation. She gained 40 lbs working out in the gym with our elite coaches and beat her cancer.

“I’m stronger than I used to be. All because of Causenta”

84 year old Letty was diagnosed with Stage 4 blood cancer and could hardly walk when she arrived. What seemed to be a death sentence is now a much healthier life. Watch as Letty’s family explains the level of care at Causenta.

“The approach to cancer is one size fits all, but at Causenta they treat the whole person, not just the disease”

See what Diane has to say about Dr. Tom’s approach and why she believes in her body’s abilities now more than ever.

“I’m not sure of many doctors that are texting their patients about new technology they might be interested in.”

Find out how Causenta’s cutting edge technologies and supplements are improving Devin’s life after testicular cancer.

“It’s never completely over, they follow your progress and send supplements even after you go home.”

Marie’s breast cancer recurrence led her to find a second family away from home at Causenta. Watch to see how her experience at Causenta differs from her first fight with breast cancer.