The Sound of Pain Relief

Sound waves can actually relieve joint pain! The technology known as SAM (aka Sustained Acoustic Medicine) can help you feel your best and treat joint pain without medication.

Heal yourself from the inside with a deep-penetrating laser treatment in just five minutes!

This state-of-the-art laser system, which was designed by a colleague of Causenta’s Founder & CEO Dr. Tom Incledon, is very impressive. It is a joint pain treatment that works in one five-minute session!

This is not a tanning bed. This bed actually increases your energy and helps with recovery.

At first glance, the NovoTHOR machine can be mistaken for a tanning bed, but this technology is really a healthy tool for wellness and regeneration. The NovoTHOR emits red and near-infrared light therapy to increase stamina, boost energy, reduce inflammation, and help you feel better overall.

Can’t sleep? Don’t want to take medicine? Don’t worry, we have a solution. 

You can experience relief from chronic stress or insomnia with Halo. And, its electromagnetic field energy stimulates cells, which can boost healing in muscles and bones.

#AskDoctorTom Shares the Top Mistakes Cancer Patients Make

In this episode of Ask Doctor Tom, Dr. Tom shares the top mistakes cancer patients make. Watch the video, and learn more about Dr. Tom’s approach to personalized medicine.

How can technology assist with treating neuropathy after chemotherapy?

Neuropathy is a term used to categorize symptoms patients can experience due to damage in the nerves that lead away from the brain and spinal cord. These nerves directly impact movement in the extremities.

Looking for a way to reduce pain after an intense workout?

The Life Light utilizes LED wavelengths to reduce pain and inflammation while improving circulation. It is believed that the various types of light penetrate the skin and produce a biochemical reaction in the cells that help them heal themselves.

Improve your circulation for better stamina and results with Dr. Tom’s favorite tool

The Hocatt is a chamber that people sit in while naked. In the chamber, there are several elements at work to clean and refresh the body. Heat, steam, and carbon dioxide are employed and together create carbonic acid.

The Five Most Common Cancer Myths: Don’t Let Them Impact You

There are also things you shouldn’t do and myths or rumors that you shouldn’t believe because they can cause you to make poor decisions that can negatively impact your health.

Did you know lasers can treat joint pain and inflammation?

We are committed to offering our patients the best care possible, which includes access to the top technology tools on the market. One such item is a laser system by Chattanooga Group.