Compex Review: #AskDoctorTom Explains Compex

The Compex Sport Elite is an #alternative to regular forms of working out. Using Electrodes, we attach the Compex to different parts of the body. Electricity stimulates the muscles for weak patients to help strengthen their bodies.

Chattanooga Laser Review: #AskDoctorTom Explains Chattanooga Laser

New health technology at Causenta!!! DR. THOMAS INCLEDON explains the importance of Chattanooga Laser in reducing pain, swelling, and inflammation.

DMS Review: #AskDoctorTom Explains DMS

DMS stands for Deep Muscle Stimulator, a vibrating metal device for using on patients for their nervous system. If a patient is stiff, DMS is used to loosen them up, usually it only takes a minute to have hours of relaxing results.

Emsella Review: #AskDoctorTom Explains Emsella

Do you have issues with pelvic inflammation? This non-invasive tool can help alleviate your symptoms. The Emsella works by projecting magnetic field energy into the body. It also feels great on the body, so patients have a positive experience with it.

Hippotherapy Review: #AskDoctorTom Explains Hippotherapy

Anyone having issues with balance and coordination can benefit from this sort of therapy, which is technically the use of horseback riding as a therapeutic or rehabilitative treatment, especially as a means of improving coordination, balance, and strength.

ARPWave Review: #AskDoctorTom Explains ARPWave

The ARPWave is a device that sends an electrical signal into the body alleviating pain and discomfort.

PowerDot Review: #AskDoctorTom Explains POWERDOT

PowerDot is a technology tool that can be used at home and is very effective in stimulating the muscle fibers to help with recovery.

Emsculpt Review: #AskDoctorTom Explains EMSCULPT

The Emsculpt machine looks like a bed and has paddles that attach to the body on the area you wish to stimulate. It uses magnetic field energy to stimulate muscle fibers in a particular muscle or muscle group.

Urethral Cancer: Ask Doctor Tom with Doctor Thomas Incledon

This cancer affects the tissues in of the urethra, the tube that brings urine from the #bladder to the outside of the body. There are three primary kinds of urethral cancer, including squamous cell carcinoma, transitional cell carcinoma, and adenocarcinoma.

Thyroid Cancer: Ask Doctor Tom

Did you know that Thyroid Cancer is on a steady rise in the United States? Do YOU know where your Thyroid is located? Do you know what it controls?