I am constantly stressed out! Does that mean I will develop cancer?

Studies are being conducted to determine if emotional stress or anxiety may also play a part in oxidative stress. Over time, this cycle between oxidative stress and inflammation battling in the cells causes chronic inflammation.

I can’t get pregnant! Common causes of infertility…

At Causenta, we look into the several lifestyle causes of infertility that are often overlooked. They can affect men and women equally. They include:

The Sound of Pain Relief

Sound waves can actually relieve joint pain! The technology known as SAM (aka Sustained Acoustic Medicine) can help you feel your best and treat joint pain without medication.

Executives: Fatigue fallout

Fatigue is more than just being tired from time to time or not having a lot of energy every so often. Know the common causes and learn how to erase fatigue the Causenta way

Heal yourself from the inside with a deep-penetrating laser treatment in just five minutes!

This state-of-the-art laser system, which was designed by a colleague of Causenta’s Founder & CEO Dr. Tom Incledon, is very impressive. It is a joint pain treatment that works in one five-minute session!

Get healthy to get pregnant

At Causenta, we work to uncover contributing factors of unhealthy sperm or eggs to try to find a solution for each couple’s infertility, as well as reduce stress and boost overall health along the way.

This is not a tanning bed. This bed actually increases your energy and helps with recovery.

At first glance, the NovoTHOR machine can be mistaken for a tanning bed, but this technology is really a healthy tool for wellness and regeneration. The NovoTHOR emits red and near-infrared light therapy to increase stamina, boost energy, reduce inflammation, and help you feel better overall.

Attention Athletes and Fitness Enthusiasts: Maximize Your Performance Abilities!

Dr. Tom Incledon, Founder & CEO of Causenta, is known for working with NFL, MLB, MMA, UFC, and other world-class athletes. His focus on workout results, including increasing stamina while feeling better drives his work and interactions with patients.

Can’t sleep? Don’t want to take medicine? Don’t worry, we have a solution. 

You can experience relief from chronic stress or insomnia with Halo. And, its electromagnetic field energy stimulates cells, which can boost healing in muscles and bones.

#AskDoctorTom Shares the Top Mistakes Cancer Patients Make

In this episode of Ask Doctor Tom, Dr. Tom shares the top mistakes cancer patients make. Watch the video, and learn more about Dr. Tom’s approach to personalized medicine.