Back Pain: Don’t let it get you down!

Back pain treatment at home is possible when you partner with the experts at Causenta. Our team can recommend exercises for back pain relief without medication or surgery.

New Year. New You. Can intermittent fasting help you reach your weight loss goals?

Intermittent fasting describes an eating pattern that cycles between periods of fasting and eating. It does not specify which foods you should eat or not eat, but rather when you should eat.

Strength Training: It’s about more than building muscle

Strength training interfaces with the brain and nervous system. When you determine how well the brain and nervous system are functioning to guide muscle movement, it can help determine a strategy for strength training.

How can technology assist with treating neuropathy after chemotherapy?

Neuropathy is a term used to categorize symptoms patients can experience due to damage in the nerves that lead away from the brain and spinal cord. These nerves directly impact movement in the extremities.

Don’t let “I’ve fallen, and I can’t get up!” become reality for you. Strength training can help prevent seniors from falling.

Good news! Strength training is proven to help prevent senior citizens from falling. Strength training improves balance and helps people gain muscle mass, both of which can prevent falls. The workouts can be simple and done at home.

Does what you eat, how you exercise, and your sleep pattern really affect your health?

Why do nearly half of the patients in the U.S who are diagnosed with AML die?

My doctor is recommending I get the Whipple procedure. Is it an effective treatment for my ampullary cancer? And, what is it?