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Ewing-like Sarcoma

Why do so many cancer treatments focus on the disease instead of the individual?

Modern cancer treatment protocols focus on the prescription of medications with little knowledge of whether they will work for each individual patient. This makes no sense when you consider that modern medicine has the technology to test cancer cells in each patient in an effort to determine what treatment works most effectively in their destruction.

Causenta’s revolutionary treatment process focuses on each individual patient. It’s personalized medicine at its finest. Our signature treatment is proven to help any individual with any kind of cancer.

The Causenta Cancer Treatment Center has developed an incredibly successful Ewing-like Sarcoma, and our processes continue to meet our goals of helping every human being suffering from the trauma of cancer.

If you would like more information about Causenta’s cancer protocols, including our Ewing-like Sarcoma treatment, please contact the clinic. The Causenta Cancer Treatment Clinic fights cancer with an effective treatment plan for patients at any cancer stage – even stage 4.

Ewing-like Sarcoma Treatment

Ewing-like Sarcoma is a rare and deadly form of cancer that typically affects bone, muscle, and connective tissue

Causenta’s revolutionary Ewing-like Sarcoma treatment has a high success rate and can be applied to all forms of cancer

Our treatments focus on enhancing your body’s ability to fight cancer

Dr. Incledon works with every major lab around the world, making it possible to develop the best treatment available to any patient.

Our exclusive treatment process was developed by the Causenta team of PhD, MD, and naturopath doctors, using state-of-the-art medical technologies.

If you’ve been told that you have a certain number of months to live, talk to one of our Causenta clinicians about our personalized cancer treatment plans.

Cancer is the most feared disease in the world today, but your body has an innate ability to fight it. In fact, we all produce cancer cells that our bodies fight to keep in check. Numerous internal and external factors can cause our bodies to fail in this regard, leading to cancer growth. So, why is it that modern medicine focuses on the disease instead of the patient?

Indeed, every person has a unique physiology that will respond in its own way to various treatments. Consider how berries work as antioxidants for most people, but not everyone. If something as simple as a berry is processed differently by different bodies, is it reasonable to assume that one cancer treatment will work for everyone? Of course not.

There is no “one-size-fits-all” cancer treatment protocol

Many of the latest traditional treatments not only fail to consider the unique physiology of each patient, but they also ignore modern technology that can help identify the most effective treatment protocols for that particular patient.
As science moves forward, there are new cancer treatment options being discovered each month. It is difficult for healthcare professionals to stay on top of all these new options, so patients may not be getting the most accurate information. At Causenta Cancer Treatment Center we review the research on a daily basis to allow us to incorporate new technologies on a routine basis.

At Causenta Cancer Treatment Center we are dedicated to uncovering each cancer-patient-body’s natural ability to fight cancer. We accomplish this with extensive lab testing, gene mapping, and analysis to determine the best treatment protocols for each individual patient. Our doctors will spend as long as 20 hours with each patient and are committed to finding the root cause.

Whether you’re a cancer patient, getting treatment for an illness or disease, an athlete trying to stay on top, or someone trying to find the path to optimal health, we have the solution for you. Find out how we can help you today.

You have not explored all of your treatment options until you’ve spoken with Causenta

If you or a loved one is suffering from cancer, you’re facing one of the most difficult journeys of your life. Patients often fail to recover from cancer because they are given the wrong drugs or the wrong dosage with no knowledge of whether some routine treatment will work specifically for them.

Dr. Incledon, Dr. Anderson, and their team can help anyone with any kind of cancer. Causenta’s approach to Ewing-like Sarcoma treatment has been successful, and it’s catching the attention of people all over the world. If you would like to know more about this revolutionary cancer treatment, please read below or contact our clinic for more information.

A revolutionary cancer treatment that leaves no room for growth

The first question to ask when considering a cancer treatment is, “Why did the patient’s body allow the cancer to grow?”

There are a number of factors to consider when answering this question, but assessing an effective treatment is only possible after coming to an in-depth understanding of the cancer and the conditions under which it developed.

By working with labs all over the world, we maintain the most modern methods for cancer cell testing available today. This testing helps develop a treatment protocol for every individual patient by filling in missing information. Some other factors that can allow cancer to grow include:

  • Problems with your immune system
  • Inflammation
  • Glucose levels
  • Poor nutrition
  • Environmental toxins
  • Cancer markers
  • Genetics

Your first appointment with your Causenta doctor can last up to 4 hours, because we conduct an in depth review of your health systems and medical history, BEFORE we start treatment. We then compile a list of every test that can help you. After we complete the array of tests commonly overlooked by other cancer treatment centers, we then use this information to provide you with treatment options focused on to enhancing your body’s natural ability to attack cancer on a cellular level. The main point being, we plan your treatment based on what makes you unique, not based on a label or what someone else is doing.

The Problem with Traditional Cancer Treatments

Would you be surprised to learn that technology exists that allows us to test individual cancer cells in an effort to find out what kills them? The reason so many find this surprising is because standard cancer treatment protocols prescribe meds with no knowledge of whether they will successfully attack cancer cells.

Consider chemotherapy, which is a standard treatment protocol for many varieties of cancer. The patient undergoes this life-altering treatment that puts a tremendous amount of stress on the entire body. If the chemo treatment is unsuccessful, which it often is, the body is left weaker because even healthy cells within the body are destroyed. Oftentimes, this allows the cancer to spread to other areas within their body.

There is a growing concern, that despite the rising costs of cancer fighting   drugs, there has been minimal impact on the fight against cancer. Most of the impact appears to be due to earlier diagnosis of cancer, rather than more successful treatment against later stages of cancer. As data from various cancer research groups and other agencies is reconciled against each other, the observation has been made that people are paying more money, yet are dying at higher rates. If medically accepted cancer treatments were working, the opposite would be true. The reason patients die is because they were prescribed the wrong drugs or the wrong dosage as part of their treatment without the specific knowledge of whether they would help.

It’s easy to say, “there’s no cure for cancer,” but the reason people die from this disease is far more complicated. And it’s preventable. The archaic, barbaric way cancer treatment is handled by mainstream medicine is often influenced more by money than by science. This is why we approach cancer treatment from an entirely different perspective. At Causenta Cancer Treatment Center, our motto is “Patients Before Profits.”

Good health, exercise, and fighting cancer with treatment
that acknowledges the individual patient

For the body to naturally fight cancer, it needs to be healthy. How do we promote good health in our everyday lives?

We do so through diet and exercise. So why does the medical community perform treatments like chemotherapy, which greatly reduce the body’s natural ability to fight disease? Obviously it makes more sense to support the body’s natural disease-fighting mechanisms, and this must include diet and exercise.

Ewing-like Sarcoma Treatment

Consider in the not-too-distant past how a heart attack patient would spend two months in the hospital during their “recovery.” When they were finally released, their muscled were atrophied, they were short of breath, and people would say, “Wow, that heart attack really did a number on you!”

Now doctors know that it’s best to get heart attack patients moving. Oftentimes, heart attack patients are released from the hospital in mere days. Laying in bed without any form of exercise is detrimental to the body’s healing mechanisms.

Does it make sense to follow a cancer treatment protocol that prevents you from getting the exercise you need for your body to naturally heal?

This is why we develop treatment protocols that not only focus on drugs, but also a healthy lifestyle that promotes overall wellness. This kind of treatment builds up the body’s natural immune system, which in turn works to destroy cancer cells as it’s intended to do.

How our cancer treatment protocols work

At the Causenta Cancer Treatment Center, we developed our own treatment protocols designed to fully assess your individual cancer, develop a compressive way to destroy it, and promote a recovery lifestyle that prevents it from returning.

We start the treatment process by reviewing everything in your medical history. This should be standard in the medical community, but unfortunately it’s not. Without proper diagnostic procedures, patients often get the wrong treatment.

After this thorough review, we then follow these treatment protocols:

  • Confirm diagnosis
  • Review testing and treatment already performed – This is necessary so that we don’t waste your time or money on tests that won’t provide useful information or perform treatments that won’t work. One reason that so many people die from cancer is that the healthcare professionals involved in their care never reviewed the case in detail and jump right to standard protocols and will prescribe treatments that already didn’t work and have no hope of working if repeated.
  • Perform and analyze tests to fill in missing pieces – In order to find the best treatments for your specific cancer, we must understand every piece of the puzzle. This is why we work with the best labs or clinics across the globe to obtain the most modern testing available today.
  • Provide you with our recommendations – We break down suggested treatment protocols into phases, to help you better choose a path to recovery.
  • Costs – Unfortunately, from an insurance company’s perspective, patient treatments often have little to do with patient health. Indeed, insurance companies are the driving factor for changes in health care, and this is not a positive thing. In most cases, paying cash can significantly reduce the price of treatment, but this may not be possible in every situation. Our doctors are currently fighting to have more treatments covered by insurance companies, and only time will tell if they acknowledge the evidence of our ongoing success.
  • Work with you to find the best prices – We break down every aspect of your treatment, so you know what it will cost. We do all of our testing at a far more affordable price than other oncology clinics (on average we are 6-10 times cheaper than the same service at a US hospital) and then help you make the best choice for your financial situation. The sad truth that many people face is financial ruin after receiving cancer treatment, even if they think they have adequate insurance. In fact, many bankruptcies filed in the United States result from medical bills. Our goal is to help you minimize these costs in whatever way we can, all while providing you with treatment that is proven effective.
  • Execute plan as quickly as possible – Once we agree on a treatment plan, there is no time to lose. We quickly move to build up your body’s natural defenses and make cancer part of your medical history instead of your current lifestyle.

Questions and Answers

What follows are some of the most common questions we hear at our cancer treatment center.

1) Why did my body allow cancer cells to grow? There are a number of internal and external factors that can cause cancer cells to grow, but a faulty immune system is the core reason. If your immune system is working as it should, you have no natural defense from cancer developing. This also underscores the inherent problem with chemo drugs, which destroy your body’s natural ability to fight cancer, leaving you with no defense if they ultimately fail.

2) What is preventing my treatment from working? Some people’s cancer cells have more resistance than others. So, what works for one person may not work for you. Your cancer cells may be able to pump the drug through the cell wall, entirely purging it from the cell. By testing the specific cancer cells in your body, we can find treatment protocols that boost your natural defenses and counter this defense mechanism.

3) What predispositions make cancer possible? There are a variety of factors that may make you more vulnerable to cancer, but genetics (and mutations) plays a vital role. We conduct about 22,000 genetic tests on your body in order to ascertain your predispositions to cancer, which is something no other oncology clinic is doing.

Our goal is to help you fully recover from cancer, and keep it from ever coming back. Now is the time to fight. We can help.

A few words about our Ewing-like Sarcoma treatment

Ewing-like Sarcoma is a serious cancer that is considered terminal. We have worked with the rarest forms of this specific cancer and to date there is only one recorded historical case where the cancer has not beaten the patient. That patient was treated by us.

This means that the Causenta Cancer Treatment Center has an unusually high success rate for treating Ewing-like sarcoma. In fact, we are the only clinic to offer an ever expending menu of treatment options in our quest to provide 100% successful Ewing-like sarcoma treatment. Why are we successful where so many other trusted oncology clinics fail? Because we work directly with individuals by assessing what treatments will work best for their particular situation.

Our Ewing-like Sarcoma treatment protocol is no different than any other form of cancer treatment protocol. Our rate of success carries over into any form of cancer, and we can even treat people suffering from advanced stage 4 cancer.

Obviously, your chances of needing Ewing-like Sarcoma treatment are quite small, but the point is that we will use the same process when developing your treatment plan. You can beat cancer, even if a doctor tells you that you only have x-number of months to live.

Weather you’re a cancer patient, getting treatment for an illness or disease, an athlete trying to stay on top, or someone trying to find the path to optimal health, we have the solution for you. Find out how we can help you today.

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