Excercise and Cancer - The Science Behind the Facts

Exercise and Cancer – The Science Behind the Facts

We all know that exercising is a good for mind and body. But what we don’t all know, is that exercise can treat cancer! Dr. Matt talks about the scientific point of view that will help you understand why exercise can reduce cancer risk and is also a very important component on the treatment of cancer patients.

Our brain has maps to every single part of our body. These maps are genetically encoded. And what that has to do with cancer?

Watch Dr. Matt talking about the 4 Pillars’ approach and learn how Causenta successfully incorporates exercise into the lives of cancer patients.


If you or your loved one has been diagnosed with cancer, contact our team at Causenta to discuss what alternative cancer treatment options we offer. To better treat our cancer patients, we use unique protocols that are not found anywhere else in the world. Find out why Causenta patients are living healthy, happy lives.

At Causenta

At Causenta, we recognize that no two patients are alike. We spend as much as 10 hours with each patient during consultations and evaluations, so we know what treatment is best. At Causenta, our experienced and highly trained team of doctors stays up-to-date on research and innovative technology. For over 10 years, we have been combining the benefits of traditional medicine, natural and alternative therapies and state-of-the-art protocols not found anywhere else in the world. At Causenta, each patient gets the specialized treatment they deserve in a comfortable and safe environment.

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