The Causenta Experience

Program Timeline

Step 1Schedule Your Call

Set Up Your Call with Causenta

Your Mobile Strategist will first cover the basic elements of MOBIT in your first online session, and present a number of example campaigns from our extensive library. In this important session, your Mobile Strategist will work with you to understand your marketing objectives, review any application integration points that may be required, then with your assistance, develop an internal brief that will enable our team to build your first mobile messaging and marketing campaign with MOBIT. This first session is conducted online and in English for a period of forty-five (45) minutes.

Step 2Schedule Labs

Comprehensive Lab Testing

This is where your Mobile Strategist works ‘offline’ against your brief, and with other MOBIT team members to design and build your first mobile messaging and marketing campaign. Deliverables may include:

  • Creating your mobile messages and client engagement process
  • The design of your mobile landing pages
  • Workflow, goals and rules of your mobile campaign
  • Integration to your SaaS application (using or direct to Infusionsoft)
  • Social media lead campaigns (excludes social media post and or designs)
  • Creation of your short term mobile nurture sequences
  • Mobile ‘keyword’ campaign
Step 3Custom Review

Feedback and review

In this session, your Mobile Strategist will present your MOBIT campaign,  the mobile page designs, campaign workflow, goals, rules, messaging sequences, and integration points (if any) to your business applications. This is your opportunity to request changes to any part of your campaign prior to ‘go-live’. This session is held online for approximately forty-five (45) minutes.