I was just diagnosed with cancer. Should I keep working?

When your doctor tells you that you have the “Big C,” it is natural to feel like the world is spinning. There are so many questions, and emotions run high.

If you have cancer, don’t make these costly mistakes!

One of the biggest mistakes Dr. Tom says cancer patients make is that they read stuff on the internet and think they can treat their cancer on their own.

Can I afford to treat my cancer?

At Causenta, we will often have cancer patients or family members of people diagnosed with cancer call us and say, “I really need your help. I want to beat this cancer.” So, we say, “Great. What’s your budget?”

When it comes to your health, doing nothing can have a high cost

When it comes to health, people often want to keep hard-earned money in their pockets instead of investing it in themselves and their ability to enjoy the quantity and quality of life.