Body Fat Testing Showdown: Bod Pod v. Calipers

We’ve heard it countless times after someone’s first Bod Pod in Scottsdale test: “This can’t be right! I’ve had my body fat tested before and it was lower. I know I’m not X percent body fat!”

Nine times out of ten, the person didn’t have their previous body fat test done using a Bod Pod, they had it tested by a personal trainer at a gym using calipers. While calipers can be accurate, they are not as accurate or reliable as the Bod Pod in Scottsdale, and measuring body fat using calipers is very easy to mess up and very difficult to master.

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5 Real Ways to Lose Weight

No fluff. No BS. No telling you that you’re unique and special and fine just the way you are. There are REAL reasons why you want to change the way you look, so here are 5 REAL ways to make it happen.

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How Soon is Too Soon? Coming Back From an Injury

You’re ready to get back into the game.

It’s been several weeks since your injury occurred. You’ve spent plenty of time resting and rehabbing. Your patience is wearing thin, and you’re ready to get back to the gym, trail, or court.

Take note; this is the point where most people try to pick up right where they left off, and it’s often too much, too soon.

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Summer Exercise Tips

You know it’s summer in Arizona when:

  • The “cold” water from your faucet comes out boiling
  • The birds use potholders to pull worms out of the ground
  • The temperature drops below 95° and you get cold chills
  • You can cook meat on the grill without turning it on

Even though it’s hot as heck outside, there are ways to maintain a healthy, outdoor exercise regimen in Arizona – or anywhere else – during the sultry summer months.  If you follow the strategies outlined below, you can stay active and keep in shape no matter how high the mercury rises.

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