Functional Medicine: What is it?

Functional medicine is an approach to health that is based in science and tries to find the root cause of disease in each patient. At Causenta, functional medicine philosophies come into play with our customized treatment programs.

Protein and Patient Recovery – Can Protein Help You Heal Faster?

Recovering from an illness, cancer treatment, or surgery can be hard. Protein helps in healing naturally and boosts the functionality of the body’s systems.

Introducing the Causenta Body Makeover

By focusing on the body’s cells, muscles, cartilage, and other internal organs and tissues, the Causenta Body Makeover can help patients increase mobility, decrease pain, and live longer, healthier lives.

What keeps you from starting an exercise regimen? Let’s remove all of your objections.

It’s a new decade! 2020 can be the start of an exciting, productive time in your life. No matter your excuse, here are some ideas from our team of wellness and exercise experts.

Wellness for 2020 – Exercise is Key

Exercise is a key component of any wellness plan. However, it’s also important to remember that exercise is only part of it.

Compex Review: #AskDoctorTom Explains Compex

The Compex Sport Elite is an #alternative to regular forms of working out. Using Electrodes, we attach the Compex to different parts of the body. Electricity stimulates the muscles for weak patients to help strengthen their bodies.